About Us

PLEASE NOTE: The Appalachian Heritage Academy project is currently on hold, after our charter application was rejected by the state for the second time in spring 2014. Check back in future for further updates.

Our Vision

Our vision is to draw upon the traditional skills of this region, as well as the unique heritage that each student brings, in building a stronger community. We support each student in preparing for a successful career of choice through experiential learning and real-world service. At the same time, we are helping to create a better world for our grandchildren. Our vision rests upon the following five elements:

Appalachian Heritage

To honor our connection with place and history; to find meaning, self-sufficiency, and resiliency in local resources and community; to draw from the wisdom of the past in building the heritage of the future.


To nurture relationships and communication, promote diversity and challenge injustice, and see ourselves as responsible, interconnected parts of the human and ecological whole.


To encourage personal responsibility, so that all students, faculty, and parents are empowered to contribute positively to their school and communities.


To understand and develop the sustainable use of our natural resources, in order to create healthy sustenance and preserve the beauty of our environmental heritage.


To develop creative arts, for personal growth and expression, critical evaluation of experience, and the creation of practical forms of quality and beauty in the tradition of Appalachian crafts